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As seen on Shark Tank S3

The founders of the company ask for 2 crores for 0.5% equity. Will the sharks invest in us? Watch the full pitch to find out.

Trusted By Sharks & Audience of India

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Selected by Forbes India as One of the Top 200

Our company ReFit Global has been selected by Forbes India as one of the Top 200 with Global Business Potential. Thanks to our amazing team for making it happen!

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Co-founder and CEO Saket Saurav

“With my extensive experience of 7-8 years in this industry, we have built a strong network of partners. The launchof ReFit Global’s website marks a pivotal moment, bridging the gap between the company and its ever- growing customer base. Taking the next natural step, we are ready to embark on an online journey, to immense the power of direct consumer engagement. Our aim is to create an unprecedented community, an ecosystem where individuals are not mere spectators, but active participants.”

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