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Our Essence

We transform Pre-loved gadgets into second-best treasures. Each Pre-owned Phone undergoes a Rigorous 47-point Quality check for a new lease on life. Say Goodbye to
E-waste and Hello to Sustainable tech!

  • Promote Reuse, Reduce waste

  • Sustainable green Technology

  • Affordability meets Performance

  • Regenerative Circular System

Redefining Refurbished Electronics for Enhanced Value and Trust.

At ReFit Global, we’re on a mission to redefine mobile solutions. Our reconditioned cell phones are available at competitive costs. Also, we have adopted a rigorous quality-checking process that leaves no stone unturned. ReFit Global doesn't just offer repaired phones; we actually breathe new life into old devices. As a company , we are committed to quality and affordability in all our orders. Hence, changing the game on refurbished devices.

Our Founders

We Revive Aging Phones through Recycling and Refurbishment, Granting them Renewed life and Restoring former glory.

Saket Saurav, Co-Founder and CEO

"Our Smartphones tell a story Beyond Pixels, a story of Sustainability, Innovation, and a Greener and more Affordable Digital India."

With more than 15 years of experience in management, planning, sales, and retail, Saket served as the Senior Category Head at Shopclues before establishing ReFit Global. He led the successful launch of the Refurbished category and excelled in B2B sales. Additionally, he played a pivotal product-centric role at LG Electronics, overseeing marketing, sales, and research. Saket is a law graduate and holds an MBA from the International School of Business & Media.

Avneet Singh,< Co-Founder and COO

"A Commitment to more than just Selling Phones, but Exceptional service, demanding dedication toQuality and a Passion for Innovation."

Bringing over 14 years of expertise in sales, marketing, and strategy, Avneet has collaborated with companies in e-commerce, electronics, and FMCG. Before founding Refit, he gained valuable experience in mobile refurbishment at Shopclues, where he played a crucial role in spearheading successful business development strategies. Avneet holds a B.Pharmacy degree and an MBA from the Institute of Management, Nirmala University.